Apple Store“Apple’s set-top box device for consuming digital media, expected to hit stores next week, has at least one analyst optimistic that it will be a DVD killer,” Scott Martin reports for Red Herring.

Martin reports, “Apple TV could also haul in billions of dollars in sales within a few years, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore.”

“‘It’s conceivable’ that Apple’s living room entertainment box—rival to Microsoft’s Xbox—could carve out 20 to 30 percent of a $26 billion market in a few years, Mr. Whitmore said Tuesday in a report,” Martin reports.

“That could “drive $5-7B in incremental revenue and $0.50-plus in EPS” for Apple, he wrote,” Martin reports. “Apple stands to first gain from the roughly 40 million people who use iTunes, but Apple TV will eventually eat into the business of makers of DVD and CD players, according to Deutsche Bank.”

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