“Compared to what’s available in the US market now, Apple’s new iPhone looks as if it dropped out of the future. How does iPhone compare with new phones on the horizon? And how quickly will existing mobile makers respond to match or improve upon Apple’s offerings? Here’s a comparison of the iPhone next to one of the latest new phones to be announced, LG’s Prada phone, also known as the KE850,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “On the hardware side, the iPhone consistently beats the Prada in important areas that will make a big difference to users… Still, the hardware differences on the two devices are trivial compared to the software that powers each.”

Eran writes, “The real difference: the LG Prada phone’s interface is based on Adobe Flash Lite, while Apple’s is driven by OS X Quartz and Core Animation, and its applications are built upon the Cocoa frameworks.”

Eran writes, “Flash is great for quickly making animations for kiosks and demos, but it certainly can’t deliver the apps Apple demonstrated. That’s why the Prada phone’s only touted features are watching movies, listening to music, and viewing common file documents. No mention of any web browser at all, no sophisticated email or messaging apps, and only basic support for other common phone features… Imagine a web browser built on top of a minimal subset of Flash, and its suddenly obvious why the iPhone is further ahead than industry pundits seem to understand.”

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