“Apple is going to announce a storage upgrade on Macworld 2007,” according to a post on Digg.

“In Windows, the iDisk storage capacity is over 30GB (over 30000MB), but in Finder in MacOSX it is only 128MB big. I think Apple is trying to ‘hide’ the upgrade until Macworld, but did not managed to ‘trick’ Windows to hide the storage upgrade,” explains “magsy1” on Digg.

“magsy1” also posted proof via YouTube:

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s US$99.95 .Mac Mail and iDisk combined storage is currently 1GB, upgradeable to 2GB for an additional $49.95 per year. We’re skeptical. It would take take next-to-nothing for Apple to upgrade .Mac storage at anytime, so there’s no reason why Apple would have to turn it on early and go through such machinations to keep it “secret.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Scarbro” and “mango” for the heads up.]