“Hector Ruiz, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices Inc., said Apple Computer Inc. will eventually buy its semiconductors to provide an alternative to Intel Corp. chips,” Ian King and Ron Day report for Bloomberg.

King and Day report, “Apple started selling computers based on Intel microprocessors in February, and its exclusive use of them will drive it toward using Advanced Micro parts, Ruiz said in a speech yesterday at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. ‘Everybody wants choice,’ Ruiz said in the speech, in which he added that larger rival Intel’s practices have stifled the PC industry’s growth. ‘Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been?'”

“Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro, the world’s second-biggest chipmaker, is Intel’s only remaining competitor in the more than $30 billion market for microprocessors, the computing engine of personal computers. Last year, Ruiz’s company grabbed sales from Hewlett-Packard Co. and other PC makers, pushing Intel’s share of the market to less than 80 percent for the first time in four years,” King and Day report. “Apple added to its share of personal computer sales in the U.S. market in the second quarter. The Cupertino, California- based company reported shipments increased 16 percent to 760,000 units, expanding its share to 4.8 percent from 4.4 percent, market researcher IDC said July 19.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Currently, and for the foreseeable future, AMD lags behind Intel’s processors. Ruiz talks choice because he doesn’t like the choice made by Apple. It sounds like wishful thinking by Ruiz; Apple made the right choice with Intel. Still, anything can happen and, with Apple, it often does.

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