“Normally, after matching other hardware specs, keeping the hardware specs in line with each other includes making sure that if one system includes a display, the other system includes one as well. In this particular case, the price discrepancy was so great between the two systems that I made an exception,” Charles Gaba reports for Mac vs. PC System Shootouts.

Gaba reports, “As a result, the Apple system includes the $699 20″ Cinema Display, while the Dell only includes the tower. For an alternate comparison, remove the Cinema Display, add Apple’s AppleCare warranty (3 years of both hardware & software support) for $249, and you’re still left with a $450 price advantage for the Mac Pro.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only is the Apple Mac far less expensive than the Dell, it’s also much more capable. While Macs can run virtually all the software in the world, the Dell can’t run Mac OS X or best-in-class Mac-only apps like iLife ’06. Basically, we’ve now arrived at the point where you’d have to be painfully ignorant to purchase any desktop or notebook personal computer that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it.

We think that Joe and Jane Sixpack are actually about to realize this fact sooner than later (amazingly, huh? – it’s about time, we know) and the steady stream of cardboard boxes stuffed with commodity-grade Dell, HP, Gateway, and other OS-limited Windows PC junk that rolls out of Best Buy each day is about to dwindle into nothing more than a trickle comprised mainly of the criminally stupid.

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