“Corporate buyers of notebooks from Dell and HP are fuming that people can buy Duo Core machines from Apple now, while they will have to wait for weeks for Yonah based notebooks,” The Inquirer reports. “Last week, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Intel CEO Paul Otellini wheeled on Michael Dell, from Dell, to solicit his support for the Yonah chips. Michael Dell endorsed the microprocessors but must have known at the time that the real action would be at Macworld, where Steve Jobs announced that Apple machines using Yonah chips were ready to order, now.”

The Inquirer reports, “One major corporate buyer told the INQ: ‘Am I the only IT person who finds it odd that Intel’s favourite brand has not introduced or announced Core Duo Latitudes and Inspirons? I am ready to begin purchases for 2006 and would love to be able to get my hands on these, but they don’t exist. I don’t recall Dell ever missing a new CPU launch from Intel.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “macnut222” for the link.]

MacDailyNews Take: Corporate IT types are the ones who picked cheap over better in the first place and consigned the majority of the world to decades of computing mediocrity with dull little boxes. Have a nice wait. To kill the time, surely you have some nice Windows patches to patch patches you patched last week after the previous patch broke the patch you patched that didn’t fix the original patch you patched, right? Or some anti-virus software to install, update, and run, perhaps? Spyware to clean? Registries to tweak? The usual hard drive wipes and fresh Windows installs? Windows IE-only, Active-X-requiring websites to develop and WIndows-only software applications to buy, so that you can say “Macs aren’t ready for business,” when really it’s “your business that isn’t ready for Mac,” thanks to your little job insurance schemes? All of these things will take some time. Why not have a look at some Windows Metafile images while you wait? You guys are experts at wasting people’s time, you’ll think of something.

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