Apple’s .Mac service has increased the data transfer capacity from 10GB per month to 1024GB (a terabyte!) per month for select users in what may be a methodical rollout to all .Mac users and a sign of something(s) to come at Macworld Expo.

MacDailyNews reader “Snapper” has informed us of the change to his .Mac account as of December 31, 2005.

.Mac user “alphamatrix” has a screenshot of the new .Mac bandwidth capacity here. [Attribution: Om Malik]

Om Malik writes, “The increase in bandwidth for transfer perhaps has been inspired by people wanting to back-up their videos (purchased at iTunes store) or perhaps this is the beginning of something new: like an online PVR?” Full article here.

Apple’s .Mac features list does not currently show the increase, it still states: 10 GB of data transfer per month.

On December 10, 2005, Ryan Katz reported for Think Secret, “Apple is planning to unveil a robust new content distribution system in January at Macworld Expo alongside its revamped media-savvy Mac mini. The new content system and related media deals, which will include feature-length content, expanded television offerings, and more, will further cement Apple’s increasing lead in digital media delivery. Apple’s new technology will deliver content such that it never actually resides on the user’s hard drive. Content purchased will be automatically made available on a user’s iDisk, which Front Row 2.0 will tap into. When the user wishes to play the content, robust caching technology Apple previously received a patent for will serve it to the users computer as fast as their Internet connection can handle. The system will also likely support downloading the video content to supported iPods but at no time will it ever actually be stored on a computer’s hard drive. This method, which will be every bit as simple and straightforward for consumers as the iTunes Music Store is now, poses a number of advantages over Apple’s current pay-once-download-once system, including saving users’ hard drive space and essentially providing a secure back-up of everything purchased.” More here.

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A sign of thing(s) to come?

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