“Apple says not to expect Intel at Macworld, in fact don’t expect any new computer hardware. I have contact with someone that works for Apple at a higher level, when asked if they were attending Macworld he said he [was] told that they shouldn’t go,” Derek Picone reports for TechWB. “Typically if there is a big announcement they are expected to attend.”

Picone reports, “This means that for anyone hoping for the new Intel computers your [sic] out of luck, no hardware will be announced except for maybe the normal speed boosts since those wouldn’t be any reason for them to attend. The only announcements will be coming from the other non computer hardware departments such as new iPods, iSight, Monitors, Programs, and other software and accessories.”

Full article here.
Rumor. Take at least two grains of salt with this one and call us on January 10th.

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