“What is more troubling than the businesses who want to sell a ton of merchandise during the holiday quarter are the businesses who seemingly to want to cater to the consumer but completely ignore a major segment of their business during the busy season. The culprit here is, of course, Apple Computer,” Chris Seibold writes for Apple Matters. “Apple, predictably, will advertise the batteries out the new iPod and possibly the iPod nano… Which is great, in the last quarter the iPod accounted for 33% of Apple’s income. The iPod is obviously a popular product and hence it should be advertised. Still Apple is giving short shrift, at least from a marketing perspective, to the new iMac. It is important to remember that Macintosh computers still account for 43% of Apple’s sales, the largest percentage of Apple’s revenue.(Is Apple a computer company that happens to sell iPods, or an iPod company that sells a high priced iPod add-on computer? The line between the two grows more blurred daily).”

Seibold writes, “Windows users, in general, are unaware of the goodness that is Macintosh… Apple has an eminently marketable product in the new iMac. Therefore they should take a tip from the other corporations dotting the business landscape and advertise the thing. Please.”

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[UPDATE: October 28, 2005: 4:40pm ET: Corrected “eminently” in Seibold’s article.]
But, if Apple advertised the Mac, people might buy more Macs! People might actually understand that their insipid Word documents will work fine on a Mac. People might figure out that, yes, Virginia, “Macs have the Internet” and can do email. People might even get a glimpse of GarageBand or Dashboard or Front Row or something equally cool. They might see something that’s refined and elegant inside and out instead of dull and mediocre through and through. Can’t have that sort of stuff, now can we? Seibold must’ve lost his mind. Yeah, yeah, we know: iPods sell Macs.

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