Chris Jones, Microsoft corporate vice president of Windows core operating system program management, spoke with DigiTimes’ John McClure in an interview about what’s been stripped out of Windows Longhorn, what’s survived, .DLLs, and the current word on when the thing is supposed to ship. One section of the interview shows either an ignorant or disingenuous Microsoft VP, you decide:

Q: There is some contradictory information about Longhorn’s search capabilities. Using this chance, could you, please, say clearly whether or not Microsoft will integrate desktop and Internet search engines into Longhorn?

A: We have already made available to customers Windows desktop search and MSN search. This means that a customer can currently download the MSN search toolbar that includes a version of Windows desktop search that basically does the same thing that the Google, yahoo or Apple’s spotlight on the Mac OS do, for Windows XP users today.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows core operating system program management (nice title – must be some business card), thinks that Apple’s Mac OS X Spotlight is the same as Google, Yahoo, and MSN Desktop Search, then he’s either ignorant and will have a hell of a time copying Spotlight correctly or he’s pretending to be unaware of how much more Spotlight is and does than the weak examples to which he compares Spotlight above.

Apple has had an integrated search system similar to the options Windows PC users have just recently received (and are still stuck with) such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN Desktop Search, as described by Jones above, that indexed local hard drives, server volumes, and the internet itself since 1998 with Sherlock in Mac OS 8.5. That’s over seven years ago, folks. More about Apple’s Sherlock here. Isn’t is amazing how far ahead Apple was with Sherlock and that so few seem to remember or understand that simple fact?

Apple’s new Spotlight, built-into Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger isn’t some bolted on hack like MSN and the other search programs out there for Windows. With Spotlight, when you make a change, such as adding a new file, receiving an email or entering a new contact, Spotlight updates its index automatically, so search results are always up-to-the-moment accurate. Changes don’t have to wait to be indexed in order to show up in search results correctly. The results are instantaneous and developers can add this powerful technology to their applications, too. More about Apple’s powerful new Spotlight technology here.

Microsoft would love for Windows users to think that they have the “same thing as Mac OS X Tiger’s Spotlight” with MSN Desktop Search. The only problem is that Microsoft Windows doesn’t have what Apple already offers Mac users now. The best Microsoft can do is pretend that “Windows is a good as a Mac.” As usual.

MacDailyNews Note: In part one of the interview here, Jones went on at length about one of Microsoft’s “big initiatives” with Longhorn: “to remove the notion that you turn your computer off” because Windows XP’s current attempt at doing what Apple’s been doing with Sleep for years “isn’t reliable.” MacDailyNews’ own SteveJack has for years been describing how he uses his Apple PowerBook just like Microsoft is still hard at work trying to achieve in his article (recently updated in March 2005) How to run a Mac OS X PowerBook or iBook; no shut downs, restarts, or quitting applications.

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