Microsoft is holding a short film competiton they are calling, “Thought Thieves.” From Microsoft’s web page:

Thought Thieves is about people stealing and profiting from your creation or innovation. Think about it: how would you feel if you saw your hard work being passed off as the property of someone else? What would you do?

We want to know!

Send us your short film on intellectual property theft by 1st July 2005 for your chance to win £2,000 worth of film and video equipment vouchers. And finalists will be invited to attend a special screening of their films and presentation ceremony in London.

More info here.

MacDailyNews Take: How would you feel if you saw your hard work being passed off as the property of someone else? Forget the film contest, why doesn’t Bill Gates just ask Steve Jobs? The first person to enter a screenshot of Apple’s Mac System 7 (circa 1990) desktop flipping horizontally and vertically, then morphing into Windows 95 should get an Oscar.

This is an interesting article: “Microsoft, Apple and Xerox – The History of the Graphical User Interface,” by David K. Every.

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