“‘So President George W. Bush listens to an iPod,’ began another pointless space-filler in the [New York] Sunday Times, ‘….How uncool is that?’ For the record, President Bush was spared both the ‘nerd’ label, as well as the unfortunate ‘spaz’ classification,” Isaiah Z. Sterrett writes for Men’s News Daily. “‘If someone as mainstream as President Bush has caught on to something allegedly so hip, what can Apple do to keep iPod chic and cutting edge?’ (That was the first time in recorded history that the New York Times was caught calling Bush ‘mainstream.’ Would that Miguel Estrada had jogged with an iPod.) ‘Apple promotes the iPod…with a counterculture package of freewheeling dancers, psychedelic coloring and raucous music. The company’s devotees are almost as fanatical as the Deadheads who followed the Grateful Dead on tour.’ (For future reference, a Deadhead is by definition someone who followed the Grateful Dead on tour.) ‘With simple styling and an easy-to-use format, it is little surprise that even the president has stumbled upon the iPod. Apple has a daunting 75 percent of the digital music player market, dominating companies like Dell and Samsung.'”

“Puzzlingly, it was just last month that the Times was pointing out how frequently iPods are stolen on the Subway. If they’re so uncool, why do they attract thieves? Reflect on the fact that no one is stealing Molly Ivins’ new book,” Sterrett writes. “Also last month, we learned that Apple Computer did fabulously well in the second fiscal quarter, beating even its own expectations. As of Tuesday afternoon, iPods or iPod accessories accounted for nearly 20% of Amazon.com’s top-selling electronics. We must ask: if Apple products were so unfashionable, why are people buying them?”

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