“Never one to compete in high tech’s bargain basement, Apple nonetheless recently introduced the $500 Mac mini, a petite machine that is roughly the size of a cigar box. The catch is that the mini comes without a monitor, keyboard, mouse or speakers. To outfit the Mac mini, figure you’ll spend another $170 for very basic peripherals — equivalent to those that come with the Windows machines,” Jeff Bertloucci writer for Kiplinger.com in an article that pits Apple’s Mac mini against three “dump trucks” (Bertloucci’s description) of Windows PCs from various box assemblers in an article about $500 PCs. At the end of Bertloucci’s article, Jessica Anderson is credited with “research.” Jessica obviously sat on her ass and did pretty much nothing as you’ll see.

Bertloucci writes, “Although Windows PCs may be cheaper, they are also susceptible to some things you don’t want: computer viruses and spyware, which are programs that steal information about your Web-browsing habits and sometimes your personal financial data. And as any Apple user will tell you, viruses rarely infect Macs. That’s because the Mac operating system is more secure against hackers than Windows, and the delinquents who write viruses prefer to attack the more common Microsoft operating system.”

MacDailyNews Take: The Mac mini runs Mac OS X. Bertloucci is wrong. Viruses do not “rarely” infect Macs running Mac OS X, unless by “rarely,” Bertloucci means “never.” There are zero (zilch, nada) Mac OS X viruses. None.

Bertloucci continues, “Apple aficionados won’t have to look further than the Mac mini for a bargain. And we suspect it’ll capture a passel of Windows users who are tired of battling viruses. The Mac mini, however, doesn’t come with security software. Why? Apple says it doesn’t need it, which is a bit of hubris. Viruses are written for Macs, although they are much rarer than PC viruses. Mac users can buy security software, such as Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh ($70).”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Viruses are NOT written for Mac mini’s Mac OS X. Mac OS versions prior to Mac OS X, meaning — literally — last century, had a total of about 20 or so viruses that were not “macro viruses” (viruses that used Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to infect older pre-Mac OS X machines). Apple’s Mac OS X, released in September 2000 (that’s almost FIVE years ago), has had zero viruses. Mac OS X currently has 15 million active users; clearly Mac OS X personal computers are inherently more secure than Windows and it has precious little or nothing to do with numbers of users and most everything to do with how Mac OS X is designed for security in a connected environment.

Just because some company makes a Mac virus product does not mean Mac users need it or should buy it, especially if it comes from Symantec.

[Note: Mac OS X users who care should use a virus protection application to avoid passing viruses along that could infect Windows PCs.]

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