“Apple now selling the $499 computer at Best Buy, the second big retailer to carry the little PC,” Reuters reports. “Apple Computer Inc. has started selling its Mac mini computer at retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. stores, the second large electronics retailer to carry the slim $499 PC, the company said Tuesday. Apple rolled out the Mac mini, which is sold without a monitor, keyboard or computer mouse, in January, taking solid aim at making its products more affordable for the masses. It’s the cheapest Macintosh to date.”

“Privately held CompUSA Inc. also sells the Mac mini. Best Buy also sells iPods and iPod accessories in its stores, but no other Macintosh computers than the mini, Best Buy spokesman Kevin Cockett said. The mini is now available at the retailer’s 671 U.S. stores,” Reuters reports. “Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said in a statement that it was ‘pleased to offer’ the Mac mini at Best Buy. Shares of Apple rose 2 percent Tuesday to close at $41.89 on Nasdaq. After more than tripling in 2004, Apple shares have risen 30 percent so far this year.”

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