“Mac minis enjoyed a sell-out launch at three Apple centres in SA on Saturday, when the entire shipment of about 80 units was sold in three hours,” Paul Vecchiatto writes for IT Web. “The new Mac minis are Apple’s entry-level products, sold without a keyboard, mouse or monitor. All three of the Apple centres say their entire consignments were either sold outright or are largely spoken for. The centres have received back orders for a number of machines, although they are not sure when the next shipments will arrive.”

Vecchiatto writes, “Spurred by the news that the first three people to purchase a Mac mini would get a free keyboard, mouse and an LG LCD monitor and the next seven would get a free keyboard and mouse, potential customers started queuing during the early hours of Saturday morning. Project 3 co-owner Alan Goldburg says there were about 17 people in front of his premises on Saturday morning and the crowd grew substantially by opening time at 9am [and he said that] a number of people were attracted to the store through curiosity about the Mac mini, they bought some of the higher-spec and higher-priced G5 workstations instead.”

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