“The Mac Mini, newly launched, is Apple’s attempt to capture some of the interest generated by the iPod and use that to drive computer sales. The com- pany also hopes to recapture some of the excitement that followed the launch of the original iMac. Subsequent iMacs have been excellent, but their relatively high price limits their appeal,” Stephen Pritchard writes for The Independent.

“The appeal of the Mini, though, lies in Apple’s design and engineering know-how as well as its software… The included software… is what really counts. The machine comes with Mac OS 10.3 and the iLife 05 suite of multimedia applications. For Mac users, buying a Mini might well be better value than upgrading their current machines; the software, on its own, would cost £160. And for the home user, the iLife software is quite special, with the Garageband music package standing out for its features and ease of use,” Pritchard writes.

“For work purposes, the Mini runs the Mac version of the Microsoft Office suite perfectly well, although the basic version will struggle with more demanding applications such as digital video. Businesses, though, might want to look at the Mac Mini because Apple’s operating system is based on Unix, with all the security advantages that entails. Macs are also easy to use and less vulnerable to viruses than Windows PCs,” Pritchard writes. “For some applications, such as accessing corporate information over the internet, the Mac Mini is cheap and effective.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another excellent review that states what we’ve been saying since the Mac mini debuted, “It’s the software, stupid.” You cannot get what the Mac mini offers from any Wintel box assembler ay any price.

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