“Apple Computer Inc., which has generated plenty of buzz with its sleek-looking Macs and iPod music players, is quietly building momentum in another category of personal computing: software. Last fiscal year, the Cupertino firm’s software sales came in at $503 million, a 39 percent improvement from the previous year,” Matthew Yi writes for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Beyond Apple’s hugely successful iPod and online music store, software — which includes its iLife set of multimedia programs, tools for professional musicians and filmmakers and the Mac operating system — has become the fastest-growing part of its business,’ Yi writes. “Apple is also getting more help from its third-party developers, whose number has grown two-and-a-half times in the past two years to hundreds of thousands, Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said… when it comes to the bottom line, software is an attractive business for Apple because it commands much higher profit margins than hardware, said Wu.”

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