“The arrival of Apple Computer’s iMac G5 raises the question: How much better can a computer get? In the case of the iMac, the answer is, substantially better, in ways large and small,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times. “In a world in which you can get a very good Windows-based computer and flat-panel display for less than half the $2,152 price tag of the (very well-equipped) 20-inch iMac G5 sent for review, why shell out the extra money for the Apple logo and operating system?”

“Well, the Apple logo and operating system are themselves compelling reasons: Apple Computer is known for building very good computer systems, ones that are high in ‘initial quality’ and that last in the long term. And Mac OS X, now in its ‘Panther’ incarnation, is a rock-solid operating system that doesn’t crash,” Kellner writes. “Both things are worth a premium. But the stylish appearance of the iMac G5 is another plus. This striking design may impress you, or it may not. However, the system’s performance and technical accomplishment in loading the ‘guts’ of the PC so stylishly behind the display likely will soften even the hardest of computing hearts.”

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