Did you know that the new iMac G5 offers the smallest footprint ever, but you can make that zero with an optional VESA mount. “Hang it from the wall or swing it around on your desk,’ Apple suggests here.

Of course, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you that, way back on July 28th, we wrote: “One hint from us: if the new iMac G5 doesn’t accept, somehow interact with, or include a built-in VESA Mount Adapter, we’ll switch to Windows XP (just kidding). You heard it here first.”

No Windows XP for us! (Yes, we had semi-weaseled-out by adding the “just kidding” in the original comment, but you can’t blame us for covering our bet with those stakes, now can you?) And now we know at least two more of our sources are nice and legit – unless they just got lucky!

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