“Can all of Apple Computer’s survey success be chalked up to fanatical users? Once again, the company turns in a top-notch performance. Apple has enough responses to qualify for the desktop and notebook categories, and it receives the best “overall rating” score in both: 8.8 in desktops, significantly better than the industry average of 7.8, and 9.0 for notebooks, also significantly better than the 8.0 average. These scores qualify as excellent on our 1-to-10 scale, earning the company Readers’ Choice awards for both categories,” Sebastian Rupley reports for PC Magazine.

“At 9.0 for desktops and 9.2 for notebooks, Apple’s impressive reliability scores are at least a point higher than the industry averages. Nearly all respondents to our survey who supplied quotes about their Apple desktops found them extremely reliable. Compared with other brands, a much lower percentage of Apple desktop systems needed repairs over the last year,” Rupley reports. “A great number of the readers who sent in comments regarding Apple said that their older desktop systems were so dependable that they upgraded them instead of buying new systems.”

MacDailyNews Noye: The last sentence proves the adage that market share ain’t everything.

“Part of the reason for Apple’s high scores could be the user community’s long-standing and exceptional brand enthusiasm, but it’s hard to argue with such consistently high ratings,” Rupley theorizes.

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MacDailyNews Take: For a magazine focused mainly on personal computers with Intel/AMD CPUs and running Microsoft Windows, these results have to sting. Hopefully it causes more PC Magazine readers’ eyelids to snap open like spring-loaded folders.