Aladdin Systems, Inc., an IMSI company today announced that it changed its name to Allume Systems, Inc. (“Allume”). The name change was a condition of Aladdin Systems’ settlement of a trademark lawsuit with Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Allume is dedicated to its mission to deliver everyday solutions that are easy to use and technically advanced. The entire Aladdin Systems’ product line, including StuffIt, SpamCatcher, Spring Cleaning, and Internet Cleanup, will be rebranded under the Allume Systems name over the coming year. The new Web address is [url=][/url] . Customers who enter [url=][/url] will be redirected to the site over the next several years.

As a leader in the software industry over the last 14 years, Allume expects to continue lighting the way for its customers. Allume signifies a new beginning and opportunity to grow,” said Jonathan Kahn, President of Allume Systems in the press release. “It reflects the bright future we see and our continued dedication to serving our customers and providing them with the best software products and services they have come to expect.”

In April of this year, Aladdin Systems became a wholly owned subsidiary of IMSI, inc. and started this second chapter in its history. Today’s announcement is part of this change. Building on 14 years of success, Allume expects to expand and accelerate its software offerings over the next six months and seek new opportunities of growth.

The company agreed to change its name as part of settling its trademark suit with Aladdin Knowledge Systems. The transition to Allume will be completed over the course of a year. This should should have minimal impact on customers and partners because of notification and URL redirection.