“Another Sobig pain may be on way, [so] erect defenses now, or stop crying about the consequences,” writes Mike Berman for Scripps Howard News Service. “In the past month we’ve had to battle the dreaded Blaster Worm, Sobig.E and Sobig.F and, if the computer nerds that track such things are correct, we’ll be faced with another Sobig worm in mid-September.”

“These attacks have become annoying at best, causing our computers to suffer through continuous reboots or clogging our mailboxes with messages from folks we never knew or forgot we knew… Of course, to the delight of Linux and Macintosh devotees everywhere, this latest attack was aimed only at PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems,” writes Berman.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We are not delighted. This junk slows down networks and fills our Junk email boxes on our Macs and Linux boxes, too. Just as we are not delighted that 85% of the world chooses to wallow in an inferior operating system when a better one, Mac OS X, is readily available, Windows worms and viruses do not cause us glee. It is annoying to know of a better way, to tell people about it, only to have them trudge off to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and inflict themselves with Windows anyway. There may be a measure of “you get what you deserve” in all of this, but we’re annoyed, not delighted as we clean out hundreds of Sobig-generated email dreck from our Macs. Windows Sufferers, please patch your mess already!