“Which is the most influential PC company in the world,” asks Michael Kanellos for CNET News.com?

“Some would argue it’s Apple Computer, for its software and hardware designs. Others might credit IBM, for bringing PCs to the workplace and for coining many of the key ideas of notebook design,” writes Kanellos. “Personally, I vote for Dell.”

It all “starts at the top with Michael Dell,” according to Kanellos. “Unlike a number of high tech CEOs, he doesn’t seem energized by visions of technological grandeur or by a personal sense of destiny. Instead, he’s eerily calm and rarely, if ever, ventures into daring predictions about the future or aggressively catcalls competitors.”

(MacDailyNews Note: “Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell has belittled Apple in the past, once quipping that if he were running Apple he would shut it down and give shareholders their money back. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has countered by bashing Dell’s products as unwieldy and uncreative.” source: The Mercury News)

Kanellos concludes, “Ultimately, Dell the company could find its tactile, conservative approach to life upended by as-yet-unknown, faster-moving competitors. Tight margins and too-rapid expansion could also create problems. Complaints about customer support–long a Dell strong suit–have increased as its business has grown. But for now, its influence will continue to spread.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nice try, Mr Kanellos, but we’re not buying it.