“Before arriving at the heart of the subject, remember that what follows is a rumor, without tangible proof. However if we chose to publish it, it is that it has very good chances to be true,” MacBidouelle reports based on our rough translation from French to English. “The first PPC 970 Macs have rolled off the production lines and are already packed on pallets. These pallets are covered with the opaque sealed film. On the opaaque film are stickers with following information: ‘Tamper proof seal, confidential property inside, prosecution may result if opened by unauthorized personnel.'”

According to MacBidouelle, “These machines will start to be delivered to wholesalers confidentially very soon with absolute order of ‘Do not open before June 23.’ Apple has already used this method during launching of the Cube and, more recently, the launch of the iMac G4.”

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