The top five Dock keyboard shortcuts, in no particular order, as culled from MacDailyNews users’ emails and Reader Feedback sections are:

– Click-hold on icons in the Dock (or Control-click) to bring up contextual menus. Hold down the Option key with menus open to see additional options – for instance, Force Quit in application’s Dock context menu.

– Option + Command + clicking on an application in the Dock will select that application and hide all others.

– Command + Tab switches between applications. Command + Tab + Shift reverses direction. Hold Command and click H to hide the application or Q to quit it while traversing the Dock.

– Hold Shift and drag the Dock divider to move the Dock to up, down, or to the right of the screen.
Hold Option and drag the Dock separator (or just drag it without Option) to force the dock to resize.

– Control-click on the Dock divider to bring up Dock options and preferences.

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