Macbidouille is reporting on potential configs of rumored Apple Power Macintosh “G5” (PPC 970) machines. Here is a rough translation of the French site:

“If you do not want to read rumours, go your way. But you will miss an occasion to feel a exaltation that the Mac world has not seen for years! Apple shifted the dates of the WWDC because of the PPC 970. The new machines will be presented and will even be displayed at WWDC.

The machines will be also be displayed at Apple Retail Stores, but with initial delivery periods from 6 to 8 weeks.

There will be 3 configurations:
– single CPU at 1.4 GHz
– single CPU at 1.8 GHz
– Dual CPU at 2.3 GHz.

For this last, the motherboard is not yet completely finalized, but should be it during the first week of April. The contractor who will have won the bid for the motherboard single processor will also manufacture the dual processor. Thus note that there will be two versions of motherboards, since the processor is on a ZIF on the motherboard.

We acknowledge being extremely excited by all these rumors. Hooray! We finally will have what we need to fight against the Wintel world!”

Original article here.